Sunday, 21 May 2017

More interesting stuff.....

but not much action!

Real life is imposing some significant pressure so most of my projects are somewhat in disarray. However, new stuff keeps popping up that I am very enthusiastic about and may well result in some deep thinking (really!).

Now, you will recognise the picture above, this is the new Sean Chick Hold the Line variant game now adopted by Hollandspiele. This is the new box art...

Very smart. The reason for mentioning it two posts on the trot is that it is now available on Wargames Vault as a pnp for only $15. I know that this is (extremely) print heavy and not something that most of us would want to build ourselves. However, it may well be worth it just for the scenarios. 

Some free but also very interesting rules are:
  • Peter's new Grid Based Sci Fi rules. These feature a refined version of the activation rules that I was so enthusiastic about recently. Rest assured I shall be studying these closely!
  • In a similar vein, Norm has just posted his hex based ACW rules. I haven't had a chance to look at these in detail but a couple of interesting features have caught my imagination and I'll be considering these as well.
Well done Peter and Norm for a couple of fantastic rule sets!

I have also come across a couple of new (to me at least) blogs with some great stuff on them.
  • Roll a One: A 6mm focussed blog with an example of Pikeman's Lament played with Baccus 6mm figures. Very cool. Even I might be able to paint that number of tiny troops!
  • Jozie's Tin Man: This blog features some AWI house rules for Neil Thomas' OHW rules including fog of war cards. Not only is that great but he has done some work on FiveCore Company Command including US and OPFOR QRS.
All of this makes me very happy that we have such a vibrant, entertaining and thought provoking community!


Norm said...

Hi Jay- thanks for the mention.

Duc de Gobin said...

Great stuff.
Every post you make now has me sent off in multiple directions and downloading lots of PDFs :)

Weasel said...

Pretty curious to hear what people have to say about that Horse & Musket game, it caught my eye.

Old Trousers said...

Hi Norm, No problem, great rules, I'll be pinching stuff from them given half a chance!

Hi Duc, Yes butterfly minds think alike!

Hi Ivan, the Hold the Line versions have the great advantage of being small, quick to play and very related to history (a bit like the old SPI games such as Musket and Pike but with more flavour). Still desperately trying to find time to play Scum and Coalscuttle. The way your output is going your stuff could keep me in games for the next 20 years!



Ed M said...

Well, this post is a home run--An interesting blog (Roll a One) and an equally interesting game, "Horse and Musket," that (somehow) I had not heard about--more blooms in the garden to flutter among!