Dragoons Rampant (Wargame Rules)

This page is for my adaptation of Lion Rampant to small unit warfare in the Peninsular 1808-14. It also uses hexes, as you might expect! This is version 3 (December 2017) and it will see further revisions as I get more practice playing it. Time to get painting those guerrillas!
As always, please let me know what you think.


  1. Nice presentation and the hex conversion looks fine.

    I have not played Lion Rampant, but that artillery (12 dice hit on 3+ and no cover) looks pretty devastating.

  2. Thanks Norm, the hex grid conversion was certainly less hairy than the FiveCore one and was based on some great work by others. Yes, the artillery looks awfully deadly. I have just adopted the rules that Dan suggested for Lion Rampant artillery. The question is whether the reload activation and facing limitations counter the deadliness of the shooting. Good question. Yet to be proven!