Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Well done BPM!

Yes indeed. I received my parcel from Butlers' Printed Models in short order (and a sturdy box!). Apologies for the rubbish picture but you can see on the left the "as is" vehicle straight out of the printer. On the right we have the very nearly cleaned up version. Just a couple of bits to file down and it is ready for painting.

These are the first printed vehicles I have purchased and I'm very pleased. Firstly because I wrote to Peter at BPM and asked for Hummers with GPK turrets and he very kindly put them on the to do list. I now have two with .50 cals and one with a grenade launcher. Secondly, they are very nice. The material is quite light but has a very tactile heft to it. A bit like resin. The print lines are very slight and the support materials very easy to detach. I am really pleased!

I did make an error though. These are 1/76 scale which is exactly what I ordered. I have noticed that I could have asked for 1/72 scale which would go with some other die cast Hummers that I have. I am not disappointed as these go really well with some 1/76 M113s that I have, just something to remember when I order some more. Pics of painted vehicles to come.  

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Reasons to be cheerful!

Reason 1: A short but sweet review of the Ramadi game by ToBG (watch at 08.25). I'm nervous about reviews of this game so it is nice to start with an enthusiastic one!

Reason 2: I was recently watching a Lindybeige You Tube video about memoirs, true or false. Mr Beige was as entertaining as usual but in this one he mentions a book: "From the city, from the plough" by Alexander Baron. A fictionalised version of the story of the 5th Wiltshires in Normandy but, essentially, a memoir. This was written in 1948 and sold a million copies. I had never heard of it even after reading continuously about the war for sixty years (OK so I mean from the mid-1960s when I learnt to read!).

5th Wiltshires were part of 43rd Wessex Division, brigaded with the 4th Somerset Light Infantry. Ring any bells? Well Sydney Jary's 18 Platoon were in the Somersets. The periods covered by the two books overlap in Normandy.

I say this with absolutely no hesitation, Baron's book is the very best book I have ever read about British infantry. The language is lyrical, almost poetic. The story is brutal. Watch Mr Beige's video linked above and hunt down a copy. You will not be disappointed!

Reason 3: I have been looking for a 20mm Hummer with a GPK turret. You would think this would be easy but it is not. I dropped a note to Peter at Butlers Printed Models and suggested it would be good to have one of these. He said he would put it on their to do list. He emailed last week to say that it is now ready!

So I have a parcel to collect tomorrow with one grenade launcher and two 50 cal versions. Really good value for £5.50 each. I think I may be cheeky and ask for some more turret options!