Op. CONQUEST (Complete Wargame)

This page is for my developing game on the liberation of the Iraqi city of Mosul. This will be similar to my game on the Battle for Ramadi which I developed during the course of that battle between December 2015 and January 2016. 

I had originally planned to use the Ramadi game as a template for the liberation of Fallujah this summer but other matters intervened. I have therefore been awaiting the start of the Mosul operation to kick-off the design phase. One of the reasons for waiting is that experience with Ramadi and Fallujah shows that information about the forces and plans does not become available (quite rightly) until things are underway. Then information starts to trickle out. 

So, the plan is to develop a real time view of the battle as it happens and then develop a simulation that will help us all understand what is going on. I have started work on the background and will publish that here. I'll update it over the next few weeks and then see how it morphs into a game. I'll warn you now that some of it will be both wrong and badly written but that will shake out over time.

All comments and constructive feedback will be gratefully received.   

Today's version here.

My notes on the ISF/Coalition OOB are here. These will eventually be incorporated in the main document.

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