In a Cocked Hex (Wargame Rules)

This page is for my hex grid version of Neil Thomas' One-Hour Wargames rules for the War of the Spanish Succession. In preparing this version I must recognise the work done by Neil Thomas, the original author, and Brian Cowan, who prepared a version of Neil's rules for the Great Northern War and which has been my inspiration. Brian's work can be found on the AMW Yahoo Group.

As a foot note, I must record that I was a regular in a pub called the Cocked Hat during the 1970s. This is one of a small handful of pubs in the UK called the Cocked Hat and one I remember very fondly. It is an estate pub from the 1950s situated on a very barren stretch of the North Circular Road in East London. I'm glad it is still there (by all accounts it is a Toby Carvery now), one day when I'm retired I might nip in there for a pint or two. The term "cocked hat" simply means a wide brimmed hat with one or more of the sides turned up. A tricorne being an excellent example!

Neil Thomas hex grid variant for WSS version 1

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