KISS My Arras! (Wargame Rules)

This page contains all of my working files as at December 2017. The game is still at play test stage (since 2015!) so is not a finished product. I aim to play the game ultimately on a large size hex grid which I have constructed out of Fab Foam. I don't have all of the 6mm toys that I will need so have made some counters to use the rules as a hex and counter game.

As with all of my stuff on this site, please feel free to give it a go and let me know what you think.


This is version 2 (December 2017) and includes initial initial set-up and reinforcement entry points. Print on 11 by 17 (A3) to give a good playing surface for the counter version.


A big credit to the guys on the Junior General site who created the base images (Clive, N.O and James Stanner). The counter set is here.


Version 2 (December 2017) of the rules including revised scenario instructions.

Order of battle

Draft version 2 Still the original 2015 version.

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