Thursday 28 February 2019

Hibernating or what?

The answer is "or what" rather than hibernating but the effect is very similar! As someone infamous once said "When I hear the B word I reach for my revolver!". Nuff said.....

As to plans for this year, the fact that we are nearly in March means my planning is made much easier. Last year I only managed 20 or so posts and met none of my initial objectives. Not so much a lack of enthusiasm or effort, more that I was sidetracked on to the development and publication of Ramadi. Now that feedback has been received and digested it is pretty positive overall. A couple of glitches in the rules which I have sorted with FAQs and some very interesting thoughts on how the system might be developed.

So, as to plans for this year....

1. Stout Hearts: This is a Ramadi development into Normandy 1944, working version of the map as above. This tells the story (or allows you to live the story) of a British infantry battalion attack through difficult terrain against variable opposition. The design is going well having resolved a couple of tough issues, given that the scale is different and I have to make account of ranged fire combat.

2. Hue: Not saying much about this yet but the battle for Hue is another excellent subject for solitaire urban combat.

3. Steel, Steel, Steel: Again, another take on the Ramadi solitaire model but much larger scale covering the southern attack of the battle for Kursk. 

Other interesting stuff.....

There are a number of other areas to explore this year, as and when time permits:

  • Rebels and Patriots: I have this in mind to adapt to the Vendee campaign in revolutionary France. I wish I could find some 10mm (or 20mm even) peasants with scythes.
  • Lock n Load's World at War 85: This is on the verge of coming out via Kickstarter. One thing to look out for is the free starter pack (A Matter of Bridges) which looks like a great introduction to the system and is FREE. There is also a Nations at War starter kit which is also FREE!
  • Nordic Weasel Squad Hammer: Lots of activity on this front over the winter including a free (pay what you want I mean) Squad Hammer Core rule set. We are waiting to see if sales will trigger the issue of an open licence to make new versions. If this is granted then I can see myself having a field day with the system (a major distraction warning here!).
  • Butlers Printed Models: There has been a tidal wave of new stuff from BPM ( including a 6pdr Portee) so I'm planning on several purchases in random areas and periods as the year progresses.

Lots of other ideas to pursue as things develop this year but there is so much uncertainty that who knows what will happen. Cheers all and belated happy new years all round!