FiveCore Company Command (Hexgrid Conversion)

This page is for my attempt to convert Nordic Weasel's FiveCore Company Command to a hex grid game.

"Shoot that way boys!" USMC in Afghanistan using the facing rules

This is not a full set of rules but a guide to converting the rules for use on a hex grid. You can find version 3 (17 April 2016) here.

The guide includes my design thinking (such as it is). My "thought model" for the conversion was Normandy 1944 as you will see from the pictures in the guide. My other intention was to use this guide for modern combat in Africa and the Middle East. 

It is not quite finished. My intention (summer 2016) is to revisit the hex grid issues for facing (vertex or face) and frontal arc definition. These should be an easy fix but one which I'll do in time.

This guide is designed for use with the first edition of FiveCore Company Command. Ivan at Nordic Weasel is busy updating Company Command with new rules components reflecting some of the changes made in his other rule sets. It is not yet finished but you can get the interim version at Wargames Vault for less than $5 at the moment.

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