Saturday, 30 May 2015

Firestorm Neuve Chapelle (3)

And some other new stuff...

Well, the map was too cluttered to be able to see the area boundaries and understand how they would interact in play. I have spent some time today (while listening to Sarries win the premiership, hurrah!) making a simplified map. Next step is the counters.

I quite like this presentation and will probably use this as the basis for a complete re-drafting of the map.

New stuff

I am rekindling my interest in the full range of gaming activities and I have spotted some really nice new stuff:

W1815: A new game by a Finnish company which allows the playing of the full battle of Waterloo in 15 minutes! As well as that, it is getting top marks from Phil Sabin and Charles Vasey. This looks really special.

Here is the BGG link. This should be available shortly for £20 or so. It is certainly on my list.

Fivecore Brigade Commander: I have just bought this through Wargames Vault. A very interesting way to play a toy soldier game at brigade level on a 2 foot square area.

This is from Nordic Weasel Games and clocks in at 70 odd pages. My initial scan of the rules indicates they are based on the same very simple engine that features in many of Nordic Weasel's games. Its a bit like the Ganesha "Songs of ....." engine and is very good, and possibly even more simple.

I also got the first of the Nordic Weasel Battle Packs, a monthly compilation of new material for Fivecore games. This edition includes a new short game (Assault Marines about power armour skirmish) and data for brigade commander for Blitzkrieg 1939-40.

At less than £9 for the both, very good value.

A note from your sponsor....

As any of you who drop in from time to time will realise, I use this blog as a not very serious scratch pad for the sometimes very random stuff that I think about in terms of the hobby. I don't keep a close eye on the hit counter and I am really surprised to see this is now over 13,000. I find this very gratifying so let me say thank you to you all for your interest.

The other thing I have noticed is that my most popular recent post is the one featuring the the very nice picture of Sidse. I think there is a learning point here!

"I knew nothing about the about the cows scene, honest!"
Look out for more unjustified Sidse photos in future installments!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Firestorm Neuve Chapelle (2)

Map underway....

Rain prevented lawn mowing this afternoon so I now have a nearly complete Neuve Chapelle Firestorm map. Hurrah!

I am very happy with this so far. However, the areas need some better definition. Also, I can't credit the original map maker as I have lost the reference but will do so as soon as I can. By the way, at this resolution it will not print out very well so I have some work to do to recreate it in a printable A3 format which will be just the right size for a Firestorm game.

I also have to apologise to Norm for losing the interesting sub-locations from my original map. On review I couldn't make them work for this game. 

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Small and cute!

And nothing to do with Danish actresses!

I've had some R&R today, down the pub with my eldest children watching Sarries beat Saints. Top result and it looks set to be a great final against Bath next weekend.

In the fraction of time I have between rugby and Eurovision (afraid so) I have put together a recent purchase of a Zvezda 1/100 Dingo armoured recce vehicle.

A very cute little model. Almost dwarfed by a 10p piece. Other recent purchases include a Zvezda U-2 and a Blenheim which I might have a go at over the long weekend.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Firestorm Neuve Chapelle

Finally on the stocks....

I have got my finger out and started doing some real work on this project. I have missed the 100th anniversary unfortunately but still aim to finish this one during the course of the next month or so.

Initial design work is focusing on the map.

Getting the Firestorm grid right is a real problem. I'm never too sure how realistic these grids are. I need to ensure that the combats occur in the right places and that the right options are available. 

The OB is pretty straight forward for the British forces. German forces are more difficult but I have a copy of Landrecies to Cambrai by Capt. G C Wynne which is simply brilliant (a Helion reprint of articles from Army Quarterly published in the period 1924-39). I expect to be able to mine this book for ideas for some time to come!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Breaking radio silence!

Here is some stuff....

My recent turbulent work experiences have left me feeling a little strange. Sort of not quite sure what I'm doing or where I'm going. Not that I have lost my interest in the greatest game but just that I seem to have lost my place.

So lets get rehabilitated....

1864: The big news is that this will start on BBC 4 on Saturday 16th May. So there is no excuse for this photo whatsoever!

Some people are just very beautiful, Sidse does the nose thing!
I shall of course watch every episode at east twelve times. See the trailer here.

Milton Keynes: Not everyone's favourite town. I have though a remarkable liking for the shopping centre which often reminds me of some very old fashioned idea of what a shopping centre might look like if crossed with the Natural History Museum. The best bit is that Campaign returns next weekend (9 and 10 May) outside John Lewis. I shall be there for my first outing this year.

Wargames Illustrated: This is unusual. I hear that Dan Faulconbridge is taking over the magazine (buying it out?). I think this can only be good news. It has also shrunk. Not a bad thing either with a better content to size ratio in future perhaps. Best bit this month is Peter Dennis' paper Jacobite soldiers.

More paper work: Billy Bones has announced some Dark Age paper soldiers in full colour. These look great. Check them out here.

Norm does QB: Last but not least, Norm has a crack at a hex grid game of Quatre Bras. Nice one!