Saturday 21 April 2018

Blimey, that's really small!

Well, blog posting has been limited this last few weeks due to ongoing WiFi problems which I aim to resolve tomorrow, fingers crossed. In the meantime I have finished a couple of Zvezda kits which have been on the go for a long time. 

First up the Hind (Yellow 5) suitably finished in completely non-descript cammo. This means it can be friendly or otherwise and is intended for my Ground Zero rules somewhere very dusty. It comes in at a respectable 13cms.

Second is the I-16 (White 9). I really enjoyed the challenge of painting this, even though I'm not a good painter. You can measure this one anyway you like but it doesn't much get past 4cms. I was chuffed I could paint the goggles on the pilot! This one will be air support for my Plan B rules Soviets.

I have done some more modelly-painty stuff over Easter and will report results when I have finished (sometime in 2020 at my usual rate).

One new purchase has been the latest Squad Hammer rule set from Nordic Weasel. 

Plenty of stuff in here (in 45 pages) including ski troops, commissars, FT17s and snipers. Available for less than your favourite monthly wargames magazine!