Saturday 11 May 2019

Simplicity, time for some FAQs

"....and you Sir can FAQ off!"
Thank you all for your questions and comments, all very much appreciated! I have prepared a set of consolidated FAQs which you can find here. I'll revise the rules later this month, just in case anyone has further thoughts.

Wednesday 8 May 2019

Simplicity update.....

I'm really pleased with the number of people who have given this game a try and provided feedback. Lovely to see the variety of styles and periods. The picture above is from Kaptain Kobold's blog showing his paper Liberation figures in action. 

The Kaptain has also posed some questions:

Q1: If I move a unit adjacent to an enemy unit, is it automatically assumed that I've charged? Or can I sit tight and opt to shoot when eligible.

A1: Moving adjacent to an enemy unit counts as charging. Only a unit eligible to charge may enter a hex adjacent to an enemy unit. 

Q2: Also I'm guessing that a unit unable to charge an enemy that finds itself adjacent to such an enemy can still shoot at them. 

A2: Absolutely!

Q3: If a unit is obliged to retreat but can't, what happens?

A3: If required to retreat and the retreating unit is forced to: leave the map, enter a hex containing impassible terrain or a hex containing another unit, it must be eliminated and removed from the game. A tough outcome.

Q4: Finally, it says that Light Infantry can interpenetrate friendly units. But with a move of only 1 hex it can't do this without exceeding its movement allowance. So how is this possible?

A4: It is not possible! You are correct, as Light Infantry can only move 1 hex they cannot interpenetrate.   

The longer story is that I tried to encompass dragoons in their mobile infantry role and light infantry in one set of rules. Ordinarily, I would give light infantry a two hex move (or move one and fire or vice versa). However, having dragoons in the same rules who can move two or dismount to fight, giving light infantry a two hex move looks a bit odd. Hence the issue in the rules. Good spot!

Tuesday 7 May 2019

Simplicity in Hexes gets an airing!

The latest post from Projects and Procrastination shows the game in action as per the Emperor's Balls campaign. Really nice!

Also a great bit of period tweaking from Norm on his Battlefields and Warriors blog putting the campaign into 1065!

I have posted the map files and a revised set of counters on the game page here.

Monday 6 May 2019

Oh, I seem to have nearly invented....

....geomorphic maps! It is interesting that when you print out the OHW hex maps they seem to be nearly geomorphic. This gives me a few ideas! 

I aim to have up on the game page the PNG files for the maps and a revised (improved) counter set in the next couple of days.

Thursday 2 May 2019

What would happen if....?

OHW Scenario 10

So, what would happen if.......

  • You make a hex conversion of Simplicity in Practice
  • Use it for OHW scenarios
  • Decide to make some hex map versions of the scenarios
  • Make some counters so you can play it on the hex maps
  • Make up a stupid story to form a campaign background set in the 18th century
  • Design a ladder campaign
Well, it is called The Emperors' Balls and you can find it here. A first go so comments and suggestions welcome!