Tuesday 7 May 2019

Simplicity in Hexes gets an airing!

The latest post from Projects and Procrastination shows the game in action as per the Emperor's Balls campaign. Really nice!

Also a great bit of period tweaking from Norm on his Battlefields and Warriors blog putting the campaign into 1065!

I have posted the map files and a revised set of counters on the game page here.


  1. Lovely ideas here which seem to carry over to other periods.

    Did you choose the senarios by roll of dice and then write the descriptions for them?

  2. Hi Nobby,

    Yes, lots of opportunity for expanding to any other period, including modern which is on my list.

    I first developed a story line and then looked for scenarios that would fit the opportunities at each decision point. It took a while but I really wanted a believable narrative.

    I think random selections can be great, you just need to fit the story line to the scenario (which is probably easier!).



  3. Thanks for answering