Tuesday 4 February 2020

Out now!

Well, it is out at last and very pleased I am with the final product. If you are not familiar with Yaah! it is an 80 page magazine with a game in it. The production is very art magazine (think Wallpaper). Nice texture and layout. Plenty of articles on board wargames by some reputable authors (John D Burtt and Arrigo Velicogna to name but two). 

I'm also very pleased with the final version of the game. Very nice components and excellent genuine 1" counters.......

More at BGG and Flying Pig Games. You can get the analogue version from Flying PIg (and probably Second Chance Games) for $40 and from Wargames Vault for a remarkable £11.53. If anyone is worried about the print and lay option, it is very doable and all of the design and play testing was done using pnp materials. 

My grateful thanks to the guys at the Pig for such a great presentation: Mark Walker, publisher, Art Bennett, developer, and Ilya Kudriashov, art. A pleasure working with them.

I have noticed that I missed blogging for a whole month. Like many others I blame the flu and Brexit. Hopefully things will settle down shortly.