GZ: War in the Dust (Draft Wargame Rules)

This page is for my developing wargames rules for platoon sized actions somewhere in the world today. 

The current draft (which is the development version 1.3), which is not yet complete, is here. As always, please feel free to comment. Let me know especially if you try them and whether you encounter any issues. I'm aiming for a second full draft around the end of September 2017, work allowing!


Norm said...

Jay, incredible amount of work. That is a clever activation system.

One quick thought - I don't know much about the modern period, but wondered whether availability of thermal vision would affect smoke in the LOS rules?

Old Trousers said...

Hi Norm,

Good point on thermal sights. The US has bought thousands of them for small arms and support weapons. One thing I'm wary about is introducing some very asymmetrical advantages, as usually, only top flight military will have access to these, as well as NVGs. It is a good point though and I need to give it some thought.

By the way, I enjoyed your post on Panzer!