Desert Eagle (Wargame Rules)

This page is for my developing adaptation of Lion Rampant and Dragon Rampant for modern small unit actions in the Middle East, North and East Africa.

NSA team May 2016
Documentation to date includes:
I'm really pleased with the counters, they feel really nice. I must give credit to Junior General and to the original artists who were:

  • ISIS Special Forces: ISIL/ISIS Fighters by Delta Operator 42
  • ISIS Snipers: Insurgent Strike Team by Judiel Lumbad
  • ISIS Duskha Team: Mercenaries in Syria by Antrax32
  • Toyotas: African Technicals by Michael Smith
  • NSyA: Syrian Arab Army 2011 by Antrax32
  • NSyA trucks: M998 Cargo by Lance Garner
  • Jordanian SF: Jordanian SF by Airstrike
Junior General is such a brilliant resource!

Some future forces to develop are:

Plus Syrian Army, Syrian Arab Coalition and YPG (Kurds) in Syria as well as two more lists to cover ISIS in Iraq and Syria and al-Qaeda in Syria.

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