Sunday, 14 May 2017

More free stuff....

and a catch up on news!

First the news....

The Horse and Musket version of Hold the Line by Sean Chick has been adopted by Hollandspiele and release is now planned. This looks great, check out the link. Worth anyone's $77.

I have been looking for good 20mm vehicles for modern battles, especially Hummers. I have found this interesting 3D print company, Butler's 3D Models, that I had completely overlooked. They do the same vehicles in 6, 15 and 20mm. Here is a sample picture.

A T72, picture is of a 15mm version but the 20mm size is only £8, very nice.

I have a long standing interest in numbers, especially how they relate to warfare. I have recently come across a series of books on Barbarossa written by someone who is obviously completely mad (Nigel Askey). The books are on Lulu and are worth checking out if you like data!  

...and now the free stuff!

Niemenczyn 1794 is a battle fought on 27th April 1794 near Vilnius. It involves the Poles and Russians during the Kościuszko Uprising. A new one on me and worth Googling. The game is by Strategemata, a well known Polish games company an is available free from the website. 54 counters and a nice small map.

Limanowa: Play test version with part of the map

Heroes of the Great War: Limanowa is by a new company, Gladiator Games Ltd. It is on Kickstarter (for good or ill). The background is:
Limanowa – the Galician town where, in the winter of 1914, Austro-Hungarian and Polish troops heroically prevented the further onslaught of the “Russian Steamroller”, saving Cracow from occupation. Limanowa – where the legendary Hungarian cavalryman Ottmár Muhr died a hero’s death heading his glorious hussars while protecting Jabloniec Hill, situated next to the town, with his men until their last breath against the Russian attackers.
There is a free print and play version available now and well worth a look. 

Pavlov's House game board
Pavlov's House is a print and play game from this years BGG PnP competition. It is a brilliant strategic/operational/tactical game from the Battle for Stalingrad to the fighting over a single building. This is from the guy that did the fantastic Castle Itter game. The files are available from the BGG page for the game. The files are also available from this website as well as a brilliant (I really mean brilliant!) overview of the battle (Pavlov's House Companion). 


Jonathan Freitag said...

Lot of interesting stuff! Is there an English version of the rules to the 1794 game?

Conrad Kinch said...

I was intrigued by Horse & Musket, but I'm heavily invested in CCN and I'm not sure I'd be willing to take on another hex game. Though I have for Honour & Glory and my pal Du GOurmand has Clash for a Continent.

I think I prefer card activation, but the opportunity to play Aughrim is intriguing.

Whether I could hold my nose over the author's Jacobitism is another question of course. If I'm confronted with a copy in my FLGS we shall see if I hold out.

Duc de Gobin said...

Thanks for this. Some good links.

Also - have just playtested 'Glorious Morning' on my blog. Epic stuff here mate. A fine set of rules, ripe for hacking :)

Old Trousers said...

Hi Jonathan,

Yes the rules are in English if you look closely on their website. It looks a nice game!


Old Trousers said...

Hi Conrad,

Like you I have loads of CnC and M44 etc. I think it is the historical scope and the ability to look at a wide range of interesting battles that has me engaged with this one. I'm a big Jacobite so the battles are right up my street!



Old Trousers said...

Hi Duc,

Glad you like the hex version, great post on your blog. Puts my stuff to shame!



David Thompson said...

Thanks for the mention about Pavlov's House and the kind words for Castle Itter.

Old Trousers said...

David, No problem. I have been a big fan of your designer diaries and have learnt a lot from them!