Thursday, 29 January 2015

Something for the weekend Sir?

A painting experiment!

In keeping with this week's WSS theme I'm getting on with a long delayed job of putting together some more Baccus 6mm troops for the new hex grid game. These have been sitting around for years. The good thing is that my chosen scale (24 infantry, 15 cavalry per unit) fits with the pack sizes from Baccus. Mine are just based in a single rank on three 40mm bases instead of two deep on one 60mm for Polemos. 

The next two regiments in the nude!
I'm starting off with two additional foot regiments. I'm not jumping in at the deep end with more because I need to decide not only what team they will play for but also how I'm going to paint them. I have been building up a Bavarian army (no surprise there!) but have yet to decide on their opponents.

However, I am vaguely unsatisfied with my normal painting style. A traditional back undercoat, acrylic block painting and a gloss or satin top coat. This produces a serviceable and attractive figure (without loads of effort) but quite dark. Not helped so far by my choice of a dark green base colour, but that an easily be changed.

So, I have been mulling over alternative painting approaches and decided on an experiment:

  • The first regiment will be spray undercoated with white acrylic, washed with black then block painted and finished in the usual way.
  • Regiment two will be sprayed with Chaos Black in the normal way but will be dry brushed white before blocking and sealing.
I do not regard myself as a good painter, far from it, but I think I can deliver a  reasonable job. I'm most proud recently of some old H&R 6mm chaps for a Jacobite rebellion game (more on this anon). Limited vegetables on the bases and not varnished (for some reason). Very proud of the hand painted flags tho!

The photographer could do better!
So, this experiment will decide the method to be used to complete my Baccus armies for the WSS hex grid game. I have everything I need to get this on the table, including metal, paint and commitment! I also intend to try out some different colours for the bases and see what takes my fancy.

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