Friday, 30 January 2015

Heads up!

Some news in briefs

Just a few things coming to light....

1. A Spoiled Victory

This solo game of the Dunkirk battle and evacuation by White Dog Games is currently available for free! This is official. A new spiffy version will be out later in the year.

2. Perfect Captain Napoleonics

The Captain is a genius and produces some great rules. The latest news is that:

Well, we're into the French Revolutionary Wars in a big way, with some 10mm Austrians, French, some Russians and some North German troops. We want to make integrated systems whereby searching the rules will be a thing of the past; every system will be such that all modifiers are "built-in", so you won't even need a quick reference sheet to plod through them. The is ONE root system for almost all die rolls. Every army will act differently, so you'll know you're playing Austrians rather than the French with less positive modifiers....

We also agreed to make things as simple and fast-play as we could. We want a historical result without a lot of sitting around and fiddling- you'll always be moving and fighting and watching your well-organized plan going to pieces. The counter-mix will be almost zero.

A campaign system will be so connected that it is as if it is going on at the same time as the tabletop game.
Interesting and even more interesting.

3. BBA, not as big as first thought!

I have received a very helpful comment from Chris about smaller scenarios for BBA.
Just an FYI re BBB (as the author): in response to popular demand, in recent months I have created a number of smaller 'starter scenarios', with just a few units and simple(r) terrain, on a 4'x4' table. These are intended primarily to help new players learn the rules before they play a Big Battle, but of course are also suitable for when time and space etc are more limited.

These smaller scenarios include:
Montebello 1859
Langensalza 1866 (you can find a couple of players' photoreports on the web)
Spicheren 1870
and there is also a nice Latin American one, Tacna 1879.

All of these are in the BBB Yahoo group files:
and some are also on Flickr:
Well worthwhile checking out.

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