Monday, 22 September 2014

Waterloo a la Carte!

Draft counters

Very busy of late but today's progress is a draft set of counters for my Waterloo adventure. I'm quite pleased with them but they look better on screen than printed. Never mind. 

I have made progress with the rules and am very excited about having a first play test this next weekend. If only I had time to do all of the other things as well, Firestorm is sitting here requiring attention as well!


MSFoy said...

Looks very professional - nice job. I think the French pun is very classy too - not something you see every day. I wondered idly if they actually perform puns in France - they might not think they are funny - nor even clever. Most nations do not understand puns - certainly the Americans make heavy weather of them.

I see that in French a pun is "un jeux de mots", which is not promising. It did serve to remind me, however, of the story of the blonde who went into a pub and asked the barman for a double-entendre, so he gave her one.

Thank you - I'm here all week.

Old Trousers said...

Hi Tony, Thanks for the compliment! My experience is that Europeans are very good at puns in English. This one is as far as I can get in French.

I'll save the double entendre joke for my retirement speech (when I can no longer get into trouble), I've been laughing at that all day!

Cheers Jay