Sunday, 14 September 2014

Even more Firestorm!

A surprise WW1 addition to the Firestorm series

Amongst the many and varied chores that I have had to do today, including fence painting, I have been very much enjoying Neil Thomas' latest book. Loads of good ideas and plenty of inspiration. 

I commented previously that the scenarios reminded me of the Charles Grant scenario books. This is certainly true in terms of style. However, on closer reading, I see he has used Charles' book as the basis for some of the scenarios. This brings back some happy memories. I bought both of Charles' books from Navwar in Seven Kings, London. I wonder if that shop is still there?

Imagine my delight when I find an additional surprise today in a new Firestorm game, this time covering the battle of Villers-Bretonneux in 1918. 

Fantastic, how much more pleasure can an old wargamer get in one weekend? Don't answer that! This Firestorm game is available from the FoW website. If you have not looked into these games before I strongly recommend them. There are eight in the series including one on Stalingrad in an old edition of WSS.

I obviously now have a surfeit of things to play with and consider. I have also just got the Bannockburn game, Scotland Rising, in time for the referendum. So, what's next? Well, I am continuing work on the Napoleonic hex grid game and hope very soon to be able to share a small game to be called Waterloo a la Carte (as in map not menu!).


Jökull said...

Have you played the Firestorm yet? And how did you find it?


Old Trousers said...

Hi Jökull, Thanks for the interest! V-B is the project for next week as soon as I have had an A3 version of the map done at the print shop. Looking forward to it. By the way, will your Firestorm Gazala see the light of day soon? Cheers Jay