Saturday 17 February 2024

Tempest completed!


Well, a little later than expected but here is the completed 1/144 scale Tempest V. As you can see, not a perfect paint job but I'm really pleased with it. It looks better in daylight from a distance. I'm looking forward to some ground support in NW Europe!

On the modelling side of things, I built up a little stash over Xmas from the Aldi Airfix offer. I have a Spitfire, P40 and a Cromwell tank. I'm really impresed with these modern kits, so much better than I recall from the 1960s. Almost 1/48 scale detail in 1/72. So impressed have I been that I went out to find a Bf109 E.

I tracked one down at The Railway Conductor model shop in the depths of the countryside. Not actually the depths, 15 minutes or so from where I live. An interesting shop, it is in an old barn where we used to take the kids to see new born lambs many years ago. Worth a visit. The countryside is also worth a look, the finest rolling countryside not in Devon!

Having rediscovered the joys of scale modelling, I will return to the subject in the near future once I have got on with some other projects.


  1. Nice job Jay and you are obviously on a roll. I have been looking at the new Rapid Fire Reloaded rules and this has resulted in a number of 1/72 kits flowing into the stash. Quite nostalgic!

  2. Thanks Norm. Yes, 1/72 is back! I have some Shermans somewhere and another Cromwell. Feels like the 1960s again.