Sunday 4 June 2023

Before it goes!


I wandered into Tescos the other day and saw that they had moved their book stand. I checked it out and this paperback caught my eye. 

I have The White Army by Deniken and also Mr Figes' A People's Tragedy. Alas, Mr Figes must await a rainy day before I attempt it as it is a bit hefty. However, i suspect this one by Antony Beevor will be an easier read. The other thing is that, instead of £10.99 this one was £4.50 with the club card. Worth having a look as the offer ends on 18 June!


  1. I have the Kindle version (iirc it was a 99p deal of the day), and it is excellent, if unremmittingly grim.

  2. Hi Martin, yes definately not beach reading!