Saturday, 28 August 2021

Russian Front Notebook 1

I have decided to start keeping some proper notes on references for the Russian Front (Great Patriotic War if you prefer) so I can find them later on.

In this first installment, some references on useful but uncommon subjects.

Luftwaffe strategic bombing in Russia

Not a subject I am familiar with but a very interesting video from Bismarck (Military Aviation History channel).

Military Aviation channel

And one of the source documents he uses (the RAND Report on Luftwaffe strategic bombing).

German railway operations in Russia

Another subject that I must admit has not been on my radar since playing the Russian Campaign. A very useful article on The Influence of Railways on Military Operations in the Russo-German War 1941–1945.

Russian squad tactics

And a couple of useful references:

Soviet Squad Tactics in WW2

Russian/Soviet Rifle Squads 1935-2019

There are some points of accuracy to explore on these but nonetheless, very helpful. Possibly a clue about my current project.

More to come in due course!

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