Friday 22 July 2016

A little light dusting....

and another idea!

I'm waiting to go out to collect one of my kids so have just been doing a little tidying up. I have added a page for my attempt at the FiveCore Company Command hex grid conversion. The rules are on at Wargames Vault at the moment for under $5 so if you don't have them now's the time to invest.

Competent looking ISF in May 2016 near Fallujah. Who are these guys?

The idea....well. Each unit has an activation rating: 2 best, 6 worst. Each side rolls a d6 at the start of its turn. Only units = or < than the score can activate. If one side is on the offensive or has a major advantage give them +1 or 2 on the die roll. If defending, you may have one or more d6 in reserve that you can throw (and use up) to see if you can improve a critical score (i.e. if roll 1 when you need a 4, use your reserve die and see if you can better it). 

Really competent sides might be able to re-allocate a successful roll to a unit that is not activated (e.g. score 2 and your special forces guys are good to go but if you really need a militia unit to move you might re-allocate that success on a die roll). This needs some officers to achieve I think.

Idea brought about by trying to simplify the Rampant rules. Of which I should mention ordering Dragon Rampant on the inspiration of Le Duc. Creatures = tanks? I don't know yet but will give it some thought.


  1. Nice idea - and sorts out a problem I had with the activation mechanism in DR.

    Firstly, there is the call to make between (1) activating the side most likely to make the roll, vs (2) activating where you need to. Though it would tend to jar a bit with more flexible troop types.

    Your idea however makes it more of a command decision.

    You could make this the crux of what officers do in the modern version i.e. they either:
    (1) attach themselves to a unit to improve WtF
    (2) allocate the activation dice.

    If they get hit, then you lose both advantages. Great ideas here.

    With monsters as vehicles (wait, other way round), there would have to be a balance between what weapons can overcome their armour. Hmm, vehicles needs some thought.

  2. Thanks Duc, I'm trying to avoid thinking myself into a corner here so will need to have a long ponder before doing something rash. It is quite exciting tho. The LR/DR leadership element is very limited so finding a way to make officers a useful part of the game would be good.