Wednesday, 15 June 2016

An interesting list...

a really interesting one!

I am working on too many things at once and have been really busy so this is a bumper interesting list update with some brilliant stuff in it.

Airfix Battles

It has arrived, super cool!

Sturdy box and it smells nice too!

NT Napoleonic OHW in action

Check out the Blackhawkhet blog, where Jack is turning his attention from FiveCore to NT OHW. Very cool blog, second AAR now up.

Songs of....

There are some great blogs around turning rules into real productions worthy of the movies. In the Miniature Addiction blog there is a great Songs of... campaign set during the siege of Badajoz. You really really do need to see this, trust me.


A new Daniel Mersey game to be produced by PSC. Based on his Scottorum Malleus rules (see Miniature Wargames 387, July 2015), it deals with medieval warfare. Agincourt looks like this...

Brilliant, check out Dan's blog here.

Franco-Prussian war in 28mm

As you will have gathered, I don't do 28mm. I like 19C stuff so imagine my surprise when I found a 28mm tactical game with small units (small enough for me to be interested anyway) and featuring Bavarians.

These are to be used with Eagle of Empire rules, these aren't out yet but their website is up and running and can be found here. Hmmmh, £23 for two squads, would probably cost very little in 1/72 plastics. Time for a think when we know more about the rules.


Norm said...

I like hat the 28mm Barvarians don't look like much assembly is needed - hoorah!

Not sure I like the physical look of the PSC game, but a chance to see the rules would be interesting.

Old Trousers said...

Hi Norm, Yes, it is nice to have very simple models. The PSC game is a prototype and I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of job PSC make of medieval troops in hard plastic. I imagine they will be 1/72 as that's the size in the prototype. I think that will be really cool.