Friday, 23 October 2015


Its, er, quite difficult!

I have been trying to do some painting over the past few weeks. Time has been tight. Last weekend I managed to sit down and pick up a paint brush but, before I could splodge any paint about, I had another urgent job to do. Never mind, I believe it is character building.

The painting bit is difficult. I'm tackling my US troops for a "Somewhere in Africa" adventure using FiveCore Company Command. What I have in mind is something like these US Marines from Iraq in 2003. 

These are Italeri US Infantry of the 90s. Top row typical squaddies and bottom row cool looking command types.

So far:

  • Warm soapy water wash
  • Vinegar bath
  • Diluted PVA undercoat
  • Spray of FoW Khaki (Vallejo 988)
  • First coat of dark sand (Vallejo 847)
Everything was great until I used the spray can. I didn't test it first and it came out as an awful dribble of thick globules (sorry that doesn't sound good). Basically this landed some big blobs of think paint all over the sprue which I had to brush down quickly. I then reverted to a light diluted undercoat of the same paint from a Vallejo bottle.

I'm hoping to progress these guys quickly so I can move on to the baddies, a gruesome lot of Caesar Modern Militia.


Norm said...

Nice animation in those plastics and typically of 1/72, they are well proportioned.

For an undercoat (after the PVA), I use Vallejo Black Primer. It is really quite thin and intended for airbrushes, but is great when applied by brush. The thinness really helps the figure suck the paint off the brush and for it to go into all the folds etc. The only thing is that sometimes you have to give a touch-up coat when dry as you will find some parts has the plastic showing through the thinness of the paint.

Never-the-less, it is a good primer.

Old Trousers said...

Hi Norm, Yes these are very nice figures. More elegant I think than the Caesar modern US troops.

Thanks for the primer tip. I have not come across Vallejo primer before, I'll look it up. I was, of course, trying to save some time with the Khaki as that will be the main colour for the body armour but it didn't quite work out as intended! Hey ho.