Saturday, 25 July 2015

Operation Crossfire

And two questions.....

...and a comment. 

Why have I never bought Crossfire? I've no idea but as it has been reprinted I'd better get a copy.

Why doesn't Crossfire use hexes? I don't know but maybe they didn't have hexes in the olden days (as my children point out) or perhaps, as I might say, we were too stupid to realise that we could use hexes anytime we like!

My comment is that this bloke is a nutter but if you want to know about slinging techniques then he is your man. Top bloke.


Norm said...

I have had an entertaining few days looking at several of his videos - just enjoyed the one on modern art!

His ability just to talk and talk without hesitation (or script) is noteworthy.

Old Trousers said...

HI Norm,

Yes, this guy should be on the telly! I'll have to watch the modern art one, I have spent the last day or so watching his videos on weapons, really interesting. Cheers