Sunday, 22 March 2015

Quatre Bras again...

Revised map

I have had a few minutes away from the coal face today and have used that time, wisely I hope, to have another go at the QB map. Here is v2:

The real changes here are to the top right hand quadrant which I think now better represents the landscape. The Thyle sector is now more dense and offers less scope for flanking. The QB to Thyle road now much straighter. I have used some tree images adopted from one of the electronic versions of Bob Cordery's Portable Wargame (see the site here and have a play on your browser, these are really good little programmes!) to show the sunken road area. I'm not sure I like the way I have represented this feature on the map, the hex alignment felt better on the earlier version, but in game terms it should work out fine.

Still on the subject of QB, I am following the development of a new game by Dave Kershaw. A while ago (2012) he published a little game called Napoleonics: Quatre Bras as an Android App. I leave it up to you to try this one, the demo is free, and here is a nice screenshot. Unfortunately my phone is a little on the small side and I have not found it easy to get to grips with.

Dave is now building a paper version of the game (Battlelines Quatre Bras) and you can follow his development blog on BGG here. It will be interesting to see how this turns out as it looks very promising.


Norm said...

Jay, the Osprey Campaigns Waterloo book has been redone as a three parter. One of those volumes - the Quatre Bras one - is down to just 99p for the Kindle at Amazon. Seems good timing for you!

Old Trousers said...

Thanks for the tip Norm. I had spotted the printed book in my local Ian Allen and was very tempted. Jay