Sunday, 29 June 2014

Reasons to be cheerful

More stuff on the horizon!

I mentioned recently the publication of FoW's Great War rules at the end of July, and given away free with WI 322. This will accompany me on the summer holidays which I await with great excitement.

However, there really is more stuff....

1. Norm Smith

Norm has been working on a hex and toys version of his Into Battle boardgame.  Norm is publishing rules and scenarios shortly and is packing his blog site with support materials and videos. 

Scenario map from Into Battle

2. Stalingrad Solitaire

A little further off but this game, to be published by White Dog, is due out later this year. Now, Dave Kershaw has designed a lot of solitaire games (Solitaire ACW, Caesar, Vietnam, Barbarossa, Irish Independence). Stalingrad is being designed by Steve Kling but it comes from the Dave Kershaw stable. Looking good....

Hopefully the soft furnishings aren't included.

3. Alfred the Great

Out now and published by Red King Games. Available as a full board game or as a set of 1/72 miniatures rules (using two boxes of plastic soldiers). This first game looks at the battles with the Vikings in AD871. I haven't examined in detail but for $7.50 it looks a bargain.

There we go, reasons to be cheerful 1, 2 and 3!

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