Sunday, 1 December 2013

A new word...

and just in time for Christmas

A heavy weekend on the domestic front prevented any real gaming activity. However, some time in the car yesterday provided some thinking space. I firmly believe that anyone in the world who can be bothered to speak English should be allowed to make words up as they go. Shakespeare did so why not the rest of us?  I have no problem with the work "selfie" recently ennobled by the OED. Not one I would use personally, nor would I indulge in it. I'm sure that selfie should in fact be a verb rather than noun but hey ho.

So, I introduce to you the ......


Pronunciation: /’shelfi/ noun

(plural shelfies)

Informal: a photograph that one has taken of one’s shelf, typically taken with a smartphone and uploaded to a website together with an interesting fact. A shelfie is an occasional diversion, not a hobby, and should only be uploaded if one has added something interesting!

And here is the world's very first shelfie!

there is obviously more than one interesting fact here, whoops!
The interesting fact, apart from this being where the Shermans (some of them) and some Zvezdas are hiding is that the book "The loss of the Bismarck" by Graham Rhys-Jones is actually very interesting. Not being a navalist I didn't volunteer to buy it but got it free in a book club deal. What I found remarkable was the way that British warships shadowed the Bismarck, keeping just out of enemy radar range. A really good story and one which would make a great scenario for a space opera type game. Fact completed and just in time for tea. I'll have to work on the interesting bit tho.

By the way, I've updated my blog list to ensure that I don't miss the latest Archduke Piccolo instalment. Today's is about HOTT and the Seven Years War. Very inspirational, I'm sure I could do something like that, time for the thinking beret!