Saturday, 30 April 2016

New books.....

fasands of em!

Well, maybe not quite thousands but certainly some.

I recently mentioned the paper soldiers book for the ECW by Peter Dennis and that it is part of a series. I'm glad that it is because I saw a copy of the book in the Ian Allen shop in Birmingham last week and it is really very nice. The other two books in the series are:

Very cool. We just need one for the Jacobite Rebellions and we are away!

Also on my book list at the moment are the next Osprey Wargames books including The Men Who Would be Kings, Chosen Men and The Pikeman's Lament (in chronological order). But look what else I have found.....

Due out in September. I'm pre-ordering mine. Check it out here.


Weasel said...

A Rick Priestley book eh? I'll definitely get a copy of that. Love the guy.

Old Trousers said...

Hi Ivan, Exactly, but will he really spill the beans? I certainly aim to learn something from this one!



Jonathan Freitag said...

The Priestley book looks quite interesting.