Monday, 4 April 2016

I blame Norm again.....

he asked me a question and then I just.....

In one of the comments on my earlier post Norm asked about difficult choices when converting games to a hex grid. I understood exactly what he meant so I then had to work out what the answer would be. So, here it is, the hex grid conversion guide for FiveCore Company Command. This is a draft and may need some revision. Let me know what you think!


Norm said...

Jay, a ton of work, I like all of that and I am increasingly inclined to agree that for rule conversion to work, sometimes a randomiser is needed to see if something can get into a hex.

Just some observations after an initial read through ... Having regard that I have not seen the original rules.

1. Like the smoke only affecting a hexside, but what if line of sight passes exactly down a hexside and enters the target hex via a vertex that has smoke to one side and clear to the other. Does the vertex at either end of the smoked hex side also count as smoked.

2. Like die roll for obstacle, but see a problem of repeated fail rolls to get into the same hex by the same unit, perhaps after first failed roll, admission into the obstacle hex can be made next turn without a test.

3. I think it needs some basic line of sight principles for a hex game such as LOS is centre of hex to centre of hex and what constitutes a block if both hexes on either side of the LOS (when it travels down a hexside) have terrain in them ...... Unless LOS is from element to element rather than hex to hex

4. Do vehicles have flank rated armour ? I am guessing not because there are no facing rules.

Anyway an enjoyable read, always nice to read a post that deals with the agonies of hex conversion :-)

Cheers Norm.

Duc de Gobin said...

A very enjoyable conversion. Really need to try these out.

Old Trousers said...


Thanks, I'm pleased this is generating some interest. I plan to do some more work on them over the weekend to put in some more pictures and get to the bottom of the LoS issues and address Norm's other points (all of which are spot on). The good thing is that there are no showstoppers and the conversion was a joy to do because the underlying rules are very friendly.