Glorious Morning (Wargame Rules)

This page is for my adaptation of a set of AWI wargame rules devised by Peter based on the One-Hour Rules by Neil Thomas. The rules are very sound as Peter has demonstrated with his sophisticated campaign game. My motivation for tweaking them is to allow me to use my own hex grid for the game and also to enable use of the OHW scenarios as written. 

Here is version 2 (already!), incorporating a minor clarification about charging following feedback. They can no doubt be further improved. If you use them and have any thoughts, please let me know.

Glorious Morning v2
I have a couple more things to do:

  • Prepare some unit counters so anyone can play with minimal investment;
  • Devise a ladder/tree campaign using the OHW scenarios.

Lots to play with here!


Norm said...

Jay, nicely laid out.

Jonathan Freitag said...

Concise set of rules. I will give them a try.
One question: You note that charging units "become disorganized performing a charge."
What are the penalties for disorganization and how does a unit return to good order?

Old Trousers said...

Thank you Norm and Jonathan. I will shortly upload a revised version to clarify the disorganisation issue. There are no separate rules for disorganisation, the hit(s) taken by a charging unit reflect both casualties and the disorganising effect of charging.