Waterloo a la Carte (Complete Wargame)

This game follows on from my Napoleonic hex Grid game adaptation. It addresses the battle of Waterloo in a very simple format using a modification of Worthington Games' Scotland Rising rules. Again, this is in playtest mode so any feedback or comments are welcome.



paul leeson said...

These look most interesting I shall give them a try and provide feed back.
Thank you for sharing them.

paul leeson said...

I have had a go and am impressed. The game mechanics work well and it is a more challenging game than I expected.
I would only seek clarification that advancing infantry can share a hex [at the end of a turn] with friendly artillery as they pass through?
And that even after multiple ‘hits’ by artillery at long range, that there is only one level of disruption ?
I like the retreat option to taking a hit – It’s like regrouping before a second attack!
Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing.

Old Trousers said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks for playing the game and for letting me know you enjoyed it. It is really difficult testing things out on your own so feedback from others is great to have.

1. I'm still of the view that there should be no stacking at the end of a turn (except for leaders). I think that both sides failed to manage their artillery assets during the battle. Allied artillery fired too early (against orders) and shot off their ammunition to little effect as well as revealing their positions. French artillery was badly handled after the initial grand battery phase and was never manoeuvred into the right position to destroy the allied infantry. Using your artillery in this game should be difficult and well thought out.

2. Yes, there is only one level of disruption, to keep things simple and reduce the need for tracking.

I'm really glad you have given this a go. I see from re-reading the rules that I have a few things to clarify and tweak. I'll look forward to doing that later this year. In the meantime, let me know please if you have any more feedback and I'll have a good think about it!