Friday, 22 April 2016

Quatre Bras.....

its quite good!

It is nice to get feedback on the stuff that I do. Paul Leeson has been playing Quatre Bras a la Carte and has very kindly said:
First complete play through last night and it worked very well, almost as it did in history! A great little game - the limited Action Points for the French side work very well and really make you think about what you need to do next AND what can wait!!!
I'm very chuffed. Paul also spotted a glitch in the counter sheet and reinforcement schedule which I have now fixed. Version 2 of both can be found here.

Next job is to revisit the FiveCore hex grid conversion. I have realised that having more than one vehicle per hex is an issue! I have an idea to sort that out. I'll have a go around the Sarries game tomorrow and the usual chores.

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