Saturday, 7 May 2016

Hats, Horses and Hexes.....

the photos!

Paul's Prince Rupert with Boye!

Paul Leeson has been giving these rules a spin:
I have had a quick go with these rules using my 6mm H&R armies which have not been used for, gulp, about 28 years !!!! I used my 75mm hex board but still kept within the 6x6 hex limit and it worked fine. No problems with the rules, I will certainly use them again in place of my 52 page ‘Wargames Research Group – 2nd Edition 1979’ set. I think I will create a simple record card for future games to keep track of troop types and hits etc.
I'm really pleased to get some feedback on these rules and its also great that someone is playing them and enjoying them! 

What is more, Paul has sent me some photos.There are 2 sets of photos from 2 games. One a vanguard clash at a cross roads and the other the attack on a convoy based on that at Haford Bridge 3rd March 1645. My favourite is the one above featuring a 6mm poodle, cut down I believe from a 2mm Cuirassier!

Here is the cross roads clash......

And here is the convoy ambush....

I love the way these games are presented, very nice houses and cool forests. I'll have to get mine finished properly now!


Norm said...

The tree stands are a clever idea.

This type of game reminds me of the sort of teaser games that Ross Mac does on his blog 'Battle of the month'


peter said...

Nice looking games and pictures! Thanks for sharing!


jhnptrqn said...

I would love to make my own terrain like this for my Peter Laing figures. It also makes me want to get into Heroics & Ros.