Saturday, 16 May 2015

Firestorm Neuve Chapelle

Finally on the stocks....

I have got my finger out and started doing some real work on this project. I have missed the 100th anniversary unfortunately but still aim to finish this one during the course of the next month or so.

Initial design work is focusing on the map.

Getting the Firestorm grid right is a real problem. I'm never too sure how realistic these grids are. I need to ensure that the combats occur in the right places and that the right options are available. 

The OB is pretty straight forward for the British forces. German forces are more difficult but I have a copy of Landrecies to Cambrai by Capt. G C Wynne which is simply brilliant (a Helion reprint of articles from Army Quarterly published in the period 1924-39). I expect to be able to mine this book for ideas for some time to come!


Norm said...

Interesting to see what look to be sub-locations in B3 and C2. I think that adds a real nice dynamic to area movement games.

Old Trousers said...

Hi Norm, Well spotted. I have been worrying about this all week. These sub-locations obviously reflect Neuve Chapelle and Biez wood. The idea is nicked, of course, from Struggle for Stalingrad by 3W (yes, its that old). Having scribbled these in on the map I'm now wondering whether it is realistic to split these out. I'll make a decision when I get a full draft map together, possibly early next week.