Saturday, 30 May 2015

Firestorm Neuve Chapelle (3)

And some other new stuff...

Well, the map was too cluttered to be able to see the area boundaries and understand how they would interact in play. I have spent some time today (while listening to Sarries win the premiership, hurrah!) making a simplified map. Next step is the counters.

I quite like this presentation and will probably use this as the basis for a complete re-drafting of the map.

New stuff

I am rekindling my interest in the full range of gaming activities and I have spotted some really nice new stuff:

W1815: A new game by a Finnish company which allows the playing of the full battle of Waterloo in 15 minutes! As well as that, it is getting top marks from Phil Sabin and Charles Vasey. This looks really special.

Here is the BGG link. This should be available shortly for £20 or so. It is certainly on my list.

Fivecore Brigade Commander: I have just bought this through Wargames Vault. A very interesting way to play a toy soldier game at brigade level on a 2 foot square area.

This is from Nordic Weasel Games and clocks in at 70 odd pages. My initial scan of the rules indicates they are based on the same very simple engine that features in many of Nordic Weasel's games. Its a bit like the Ganesha "Songs of ....." engine and is very good, and possibly even more simple.

I also got the first of the Nordic Weasel Battle Packs, a monthly compilation of new material for Fivecore games. This edition includes a new short game (Assault Marines about power armour skirmish) and data for brigade commander for Blitzkrieg 1939-40.

At less than £9 for the both, very good value.

A note from your sponsor....

As any of you who drop in from time to time will realise, I use this blog as a not very serious scratch pad for the sometimes very random stuff that I think about in terms of the hobby. I don't keep a close eye on the hit counter and I am really surprised to see this is now over 13,000. I find this very gratifying so let me say thank you to you all for your interest.

The other thing I have noticed is that my most popular recent post is the one featuring the the very nice picture of Sidse. I think there is a learning point here!

"I knew nothing about the about the cows scene, honest!"
Look out for more unjustified Sidse photos in future installments!

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