Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Breaking radio silence!

Here is some stuff....

My recent turbulent work experiences have left me feeling a little strange. Sort of not quite sure what I'm doing or where I'm going. Not that I have lost my interest in the greatest game but just that I seem to have lost my place.

So lets get rehabilitated....

1864: The big news is that this will start on BBC 4 on Saturday 16th May. So there is no excuse for this photo whatsoever!

Some people are just very beautiful, Sidse does the nose thing!
I shall of course watch every episode at east twelve times. See the trailer here.

Milton Keynes: Not everyone's favourite town. I have though a remarkable liking for the shopping centre which often reminds me of some very old fashioned idea of what a shopping centre might look like if crossed with the Natural History Museum. The best bit is that Campaign returns next weekend (9 and 10 May) outside John Lewis. I shall be there for my first outing this year.

Wargames Illustrated: This is unusual. I hear that Dan Faulconbridge is taking over the magazine (buying it out?). I think this can only be good news. It has also shrunk. Not a bad thing either with a better content to size ratio in future perhaps. Best bit this month is Peter Dennis' paper Jacobite soldiers.

More paper work: Billy Bones has announced some Dark Age paper soldiers in full colour. These look great. Check them out here.

Norm does QB: Last but not least, Norm has a crack at a hex grid game of Quatre Bras. Nice one!

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