Tuesday, 21 April 2015

One Hour Wargames again!

A break from the never ending year end!

I have never known a year end like this before. I'm sure it will come to an end shortly and I can get back to normal but I think my immediate priority will be getting some sleep and cutting the grass!

In preparation for my return to normality I have spent some time aimlessly surfing and I have found some new reviews of One Hour Wargames from a couple of big hitters (that's a compliment of course!).

Battlefields and Warriors Blog: Norm Smith has done a very detailed review of the rules with couple of AARs. A very fair and thorough review with some nice graphics.

Marco Arnaudo: I regularly watch Marco's reviews which are largely of boardgames. He is an insightful and entertaining reviewer and I have a lot of time for him. This week he has posted a review of One Hour Wargames. It would be nice to see him putting it through its paces but his review is entertaining enough as it is.

On a slightly different subject, I was very taken by Marco's review of Unconditional Surrender, a full scale WW2 strategy game (play the full war or individual campaigns). It has a great and very simple combat model which I am thinking about for use elsewhere.

What is really interesting is that there is a print and play campaign for Unconditional Surrender featuring Case Blue. You can get this for free from BGG, nice!

Well that was very therapeutic and hopefully I can get back into regular designing and blogging mode shortly.

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