Sunday, 24 May 2015

Firestorm Neuve Chapelle (2)

Map underway....

Rain prevented lawn mowing this afternoon so I now have a nearly complete Neuve Chapelle Firestorm map. Hurrah!

I am very happy with this so far. However, the areas need some better definition. Also, I can't credit the original map maker as I have lost the reference but will do so as soon as I can. By the way, at this resolution it will not print out very well so I have some work to do to recreate it in a printable A3 format which will be just the right size for a Firestorm game.

I also have to apologise to Norm for losing the interesting sub-locations from my original map. On review I couldn't make them work for this game. 


Norm said...

Jay, you might already know, but Pen & Sword have a book on the battle for just 99p via for the Kindle


Old Trousers said...

Hi Norm,

Thanks for the tip. I am of course the proud owner of a full priced version of this book having bought it when I started the project this time last year (ahem!). It is a very good book so well worth £7.99 (or whatever it was!) let alone 99p.



Jonathan Freitag said...

Hooray for rain, indeed! Map is looking quite nice.

Old Trousers said...

Hi Jonathan, Thanks for your interest. I'm working on the OOB, reinforcement schedule and outline rules at the moment. Once that's done I'll give it a whirl on the test map.