Friday, 11 August 2017

GZ: Training scenario...

it seems to work!

AO Barnet: Block B3 Building 6

Mission: This area has been infiltrated by OPFOR during the night. Surveillance indicates the enemy have occupied building B6 (red circle) with the intent of interdicting the main supply route (dual carriage road to north). The intent is to enter the building using fire and manouvre and destroy enemy forces in close combat.

Enemy: Estimated at 10, light weapons including automatic weapons. Likely course of action is to resist as exfiltration routes are limited.

Own forces: Three fire teams from ready response squad plus one HMG team as manoeuvre support. 

Terrain: The enemy occupies a walled area (low walls) surrounded with open ground. scrub and trees to the south provides a covered approach to the rear of B6.

Time: Building to be cleared by 0700. Units to secure Line of Departure at 0500.

Execution: HMG team to provide support by fire from covered position to left of start line (yellow) with fire team 3. Teams 1 and 2 to manoeuvre and gain access to walled area and then assault and clear the building.

Time schedule: Supporting fires to commence at 0515 and manoeuvre to commence at 0520.

My apologies to anyone that knows how to use METT-TC and OPORD procedures correctly. This is a quick trial run of the basic mechanisms in GZ to see whether they produce the game I have in my head.
Set up

So, not quite like the surveillance photo but not bad. OPFOR occupy the house and a small walled grove. Coalition in the tree line, teams 1,2 and 3 reading from the right with the HMG team on the far left.

By the way, Fab Foam hexes and Junior General paper house and trees. The low walls do not block LoS but do provide cover. Friendly teams do block LoS.

0515: HMG suppresses the OPFOR team on the roof but it rallies and goes into overwatch. Teams 1 and 2 manoeuvre. 

0525: The HMG team keeps OPFOR on the roof suppressed while Teams 1 and 2 start engaging the enemy in the grove to little effect.

0530: The HMG team fully suppresses the enemy on the roof who now disperse (destroyed, but in reality they couldn't take the heat and scarpered). Coalition pop smoke to obscure the enemy's LoS from the grove.

0535: The guys in the grove make a break for the house as Coalition teams move up to set up a new base of fire. That HMG is proving tricky to move up!

0540: Small arms fire pins the OPFOR team down in the open, they are disrupted and finding it hard to rally and move into cover. Unsportingly, Team 3 with a great LoS pours intense fire into the enemy who crumble and run. My plan had been to use Team 1 to try out the close assault rules.

AAR: Did the rules do the job?

Absolutely, I'm really happy with that little battle. It told a story and the tactical feel was spot on. Even though the rules are simple, they are a bit slippery and I made some errors. 

Tactically, although in this scenario this was the right start line (concealed approach and cover for the support teams), it was too far from the building to make a rapid assault.

Although I rated the Coalition troops as three activation dice (i.e. very good) and the OPFOR troops as 2 (which is not shabby), if the OPFOR had an HMG on the roof then there would have been problems as they would have raked the start line. As it was, two Coalition teams took casualties. 

Overall, a nice little battle. My fallback plan was to call in an airstrike which I might do next time just to see how it works.


Duc de Gobin said...

Itching to try these rules now. Easy to set up but complex to master, I'm reading from your playtest.

Duc de Gobin said...

Also - just looking at your original cover/title page for these rules, it brought back memories of Twilight 2000 rpg from the 80s.

Another series of scenarios and potential campaign? - units fight their way out of Europe back to the states/uk - into the midst of survivalist based communities.

Many scenarios there too - but there would need to be some very rough armour rules I guess. (as rough as ATGW vs poorly supported tanks rules need to be)

Old Trousers said...

Hi Duc, Thanks for the enthusiasm! I'm mulling over a few things from today's scenario, just some tweaks and simplifications. I reckon that, once you get the rhythm of play, then the rules are simple. The tactics, and the uncertainty, are a lot harder to manage.

I used to have the Twilight 2000 books and also the Last Battle game. I see what you mean about the feel. Yes, this is a perfect fit for any of those T2000 scenarios. In fact, I think this is a great system for any fire team based scenarios from Vietnam to the day after tomorrow. I'm really happy with this, I just hope I haven't inadvertently rewritten Last Battle!



Ivan Sorensen said...

Very cool. I rather like the highly stylised feel of your little hex map.

Old Trousers said...

Hi Ivan, Thanks, I'm working on scenarios that can be played on a six by nine hex grid which fits on my kitchen table. Hopefully another scenario soon featuring leaders. Cheers