Sunday, 10 August 2014

Taking up the challenge...

Hex grid Napoleonics

In one of my earlier posts I foolishly announced that I thought I could fit Neil Thomas's Napoleonic rules (which use a standard eight unit army) to fit on the eight by six hex grid used by Norm Smith for his Russian front rules (Tigers at Minsk). I have had my head down this week trying to prove that I can actually do this.

I am therefore now able to reveal my hex version of Neil Thomas's Napoleonic Wargaming rules or, at least, my first go.

Neil's very nice book
In many respects the rules are quite simple to translate into hex grid form. The overall size and shape of the game envisaged by Neil seems to fit very well within a limited hex grid. I have, however, played around with some of the rules. The next effect is to make the game more "gamey" by emphasising the rock, scissors, paper relationship of the various arms. For example, I have made changing formation subject to a morale check so that no-one can be certain if their prize grenadiers will inadvertently remain in line as they are run down by some lancers. I have also made dense infantry formations more vulnerable to artillery fire while retaining their ability to withstand cavalry charges.

So far so theoretical. How am I going to test these out in the current absence of some nicely painted Wurttembergers? The answer is by using some counters and a hex map....

My next job is to lash up some counters using Junior General images and have a go.

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