Saturday, 2 August 2014

Summer breeze

Blowing through the jasmine in my mind....

I'm outdoors building a fence so have not had much time for deep thought. I could certainly do with a nice summer breeze rather than 100% humidity and passing thunderstorms. However, three things have recently impinged on my consciousness:

Firestorm Cherbourg: I have now read the rules through and confirmed that it is possible to play Caen and Cherbourg as linked campaigns. Hurrah.

Wurttembergers: Well, would you Adam and Eve it. Mention Wurttembergers once or twice and they crop up everywhere! Monsieur le Rosbif and Johnny Frog have a friend with nice Front Rank Wurttembergers. Glorious.

Fields of Battle 1: Great Northern War: I've been following the development of this game. It features eight battles each with its own map. It looks great (sorry I mean fantastic!) and I hope it is not out of my price range. The publisher has just put out an update on progress so this one looks like a runner in the fairly near future.

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