Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Napoleonic hex grid game part 3

Order of battle

I prepared an OB for Waterloo whilst on my holidays and have now just retrieved it from the waste paper basket where I had inadvertently filed it. Waterloo is a big battle with lots of moving parts and is clearly not achievable within the standard 8 unit army in Neil's rules. What I have done therefore is to use the army lists in the rule book as the basis for an OB which resembles (!) the proportions of the armies involved.

More fine graphics from J Bignell at Junior General
Anglo-Dutch: 2 British Line Infantry (average), 3 Dutch-Belgian Line Infantry (levy), 1 British Guards or Highlanders (elite), 1 British Riflemen (elite, rifles), 1 British Heavy Cavalry - Household or Union (elite), 1 Dutch-Belgian Light Cavalry (average), 1 British artillery.

Prussians: 3 Line infantry (average).

Total Allied: 13 units

Variable Prussians: They will, of course, have variable arrival times. I'm also keeping the unit type simple for now but may introduce some variation when I have a better feel for the game. 

French: 4 Line Infantry (average), 2 Conscript Infantry (levy), 2 Imperial Guard Infantry (elite), 1 Voltigeur (average, musket), 2 Heavy Cavalry - Cuirassiers (elite), 1 Light Cavalry -Chasseurs (average), 2 Artillery

Total French: 14

French reserve rule: An option is to have the Imperial Guard in a reserve, only to be released when the Prussians arrive or if either side look like folding up (a coup de grace or rearguard action).

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