Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Does size really matter....?

Well, it obviously depends on how you are measuring it. Anyway, lets get back to toy soldiers!

My pondering is around the question of how big is 10mm? I have done a survey on how these miniatures are described:

  • Victrix Games: 12mm or 1/144 (new WW2 range)
  • Plastic Soldier Co: 10mm or 1/144 (new NORTHAG range)
  • Pendraken: 10mm or 1/150
  • Cold War 84: 10mm or 1/144
  • Minifigs: 10/12mm or N gauge

The Pendraken size description is interesting because their figures are 10mm but their vehicles are deliberately 1/150 for a good fit with other ranges. Also interesting is that Irregular's Bush Wars 10mm troops are made deliberately bigger to fit with other manufacturers 12mm ranges.

As to what these descriptions really mean remains to be seen (in the flesh as it were). However, the maths seem to me to be this:

1/144 ~ 13mm
1/150 ~ 12mm
1/160 ~ 11mm
1/200 ~ 9mm

In my view, the older you get the less size matters. As a youngster I found it impossible to use 1/300 and 1/285 troops together. Nowadays I couldn't even see them, let alone the difference. I suspect that the various scale descriptions will be pretty meaningless until we see the actual products and test what fits best together.

As you can see from the picture above, the NORTHAG idea has strongly resonated with me. I have been revisiting many old war games including Mech War, NATO Divisional Commander (oh yes!) and several other games from the real Cold War. 

Lots of ideas cooking once "Battle of Hue!" finally launches.


Norm said...

Kallistra are 12mm, they used to be referred to as10’s, then big 10’s, but now 12mm. When they do a range, it is pretty complete, so compatibility with other ranges is a non-issue.

Gripping beast are also about to bring out plastic 10mm - persians I think.

Old Trousers said...

Hi Norm, I love the Kallistra figures. They appear bigger than Pendraken for example but if I was doing WW1 or AWI then I'd go for them. I do feel slightly confused by the 10-12mm issue so I'll take it carefully on the Cold War front.

The Gripping Beast stuff also looks great. Looking forward to some Romans and Normans from them.

All the best