Sunday, 6 November 2016

Its progress Jim...

but not as we know it!

Apart from work, which has me buried at the moment, I have been getting on with the Mosul game. Lots to do but here is a first shot of the map.

Hopefully this looks familiar if you are from Mosul! The bunkers are my attempt to reflect the barricade line that ISIS have built north of the airport. 

As with Ramadi, I'm using the M44 scenario editor to sketch out the map. I have also determined to use the same system as Ramadi. I think it should work well.

Now the framework for the campaign has emerged more clearly I can get designing instead of havering!

A couple of interesting things have also come my way which are worth a look:

  • Crossfire Lite (ugh!): This looks good and is on the Freewargames site.
  • Orders of battle...: A blogspot with Crossfire, KISS and other OOBs. Really good!  


Norm said...

Good links. That scenario sketch editor looks brilliant for hex users.

Old Trousers said...

Hi Norm, yes its great, the only problem is having to use print screen to get an output. Love the idea of Crossfire Lite, looks like a runner for a hex grid conversion!