Monday, 28 November 2016

FiveCore Company Command

People's Edition!

There are two reasons for this to be really good news. The first is that this is a major overhaul of the original rules taking account of developments across the FiveCore family. I haven't digested all of the changes but I'm very impressed based on my initial look through.

The second reason is that the upgrade is free if you have already got a copy through Wargames Vault. And even if you haven't, its just $7.99 and well worth it. despite the exchange rate.

Ivan also has a 20th century scenario generator for $1.99 which looks tempting, something for the weekend perhaps!


Monty said...

I've been looking at these for a little while elsewhere and will order a set based on your comments :D

Steven Whitesell said...

I've played the original version and enjoyed it. Gives you a great feel for what life might have been like during a battle as a company commander. There is an appropriate ebb and flow to the battles that is scarcely seen in company level rules, and the pace is great.

Old Trousers said...

Thanks guys, I really like these rules. The only ones that come close for me are PBI by RFCM and Crossfire and both of these have a few issues. I wonder if there is a perfect company level game somewhere? FiveCore comes close.



Retro said...

Fivecore CC is one of my favorite games, period. Love 'em. Haven't gotten this new version on the table yet, but the small changes I've read through so far all seem only beneficial. Ivan's a very talented designer and dedicated to his audience.