Monday, 24 October 2016


it begins!

As with my game on the Battle for Ramadi, I have been planning to do a similar piece of work on the Mosul operation. It will follow on very similar lines. I intend to develop a real time view of the battle and then develop a simulation that will help us all understand what is going on.  

For various reasons I feel in a very serious frame of mind (the male menopause perhaps!) so don't expect as many jokes as usual. Hopefully this will wear off soon!

The first shot is here, rough and ready but lots more to come!   


Michael Peterson said...

This is a fascinating project and I look forward to following it. Brian Train would be proud.
Are you on Twitter? If so, look for me at @madpadre1 and I will try and send you some of the accounts I am following on Mosul.
BTW, my American military friends have had much mirth with the second picture of the guy firing into the berm. :)

Old Trousers said...

Hi Michael, I'm not on Twitter but will be tomorrow! Yes, my problem is how to recognise both the bravery of these guys (Peshmerga in this case) but also their military incompetence. I'm no expert but I guessed the flying gravel was their fault rather than incoming fire! Still, an evocative photo.

For some reason I feel it is important to do this project, the news about ISIS atrocities is not good so I'm praying for an early victory!