Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Mosul (2)

getting a shift on!

That's me, not just the offensive.

ISIS have set fire to the Sulphur plant in Mosul (CNN)
I have now made a page for the Mosul work in progress (here). I have updated my draft. Still early days but I'm learning a lot thanks to help from chums.

Another CNN shot of the Sulphur Plant conflagration
I'm aiming to crack on with this over the next few days. Real time is quite hard work.

By the way, I reconsidered my rude comments about the Daily Mail in the first draft, then decided I was quite right and they are awful. Nuff said!


nobby said...

The Daily Wail - "Awful, but I like it." :0)

Old Trousers said...

:-) Dick Emery!

nobby said...

TG for that. I wasn't anybody besides me was old enough to know :)

Old Trousers said...

Cool, this is the right place to come for old jokes!